Dear Elder Oaks: What of the other sheep?

I finally took the time to listen to Elder Oaks conference talk last night. I’m not (intentionally) going to repeat things that I’ve seen shared a hundred times already. Sure, the talk is full of the short-sighted, closed-mind thinking that we’re accustomed to hearing from the church, but there’s something that I find far more interesting that I want to touch on:

Oaks claims that the Proclamation is a blueprint or an outline for us to follow. The issue I have with this is that his so-called blueprint is exclusive. It outlines how to live your life as a straight, married male or female member of the church. Nowhere in the proclamation can you find information on how to live your life if you are:

  • Gay
  • Unmarried
  • Bisexual
  • Transsexual
  • Intersexual

The LDS Church is notoriously Pharisaical. There are very specific steps that must be taken for you to remain a member in good standing. For example:

  • A baptism doesn’t count if a single hair stays above the surface of the water during baptism
  • Drinking water pushed through a specific type of bean can keep you out of heaven
  • Getting into heaven involves knowing special handshakes and codewords
  • “Exact obedience” was a phrase uttered almost constantly by my mission president

With that in mind, my question is this:

Elder Oaks, you claim that God has a very specific plan in place for SOME of God’s children. What is the specific plan for those who don’t and can’t fit that mold?

I’m tired of hearing church leaders say that “God will take care of it.” That’s bullshit. You can’t just tell a sizable chunk of your church to wait for the next life to find answers to their questions. The church you represent is supposedly run by direct revelation from God. Why not try talking to God to see what he has to say about his plan for these other children?


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